Thursday, October 20, 2005

Too harsh on montreal

I have to admit, I love Canada. My report on my arrival in Canada was less than flattering. I still think it would have been boring to say, “Canada is wonderful and Montreal is so cute” It is easier and more fun to criticize a bit. BUT, why do Canadian feel so insecure about their own country especially Quebecers.

In France you have the right to say bad thing about our country. We like it so much it gets annoying sometimes: “French sucks”, “shitty country”, “too much taxes”. Even many people are AGAINST the national team when they play “they are just shit, they deserve to lose”.
Well allow me to do the same to Canada since it is my country of adoption (for a short time though). We are not in the US, no need to swear oath on the Canadian flag.
To get back to the subject, Montreal is a fine city. It has everything you need in a metropolis yet it is small enough so you can walk from one way of the center to the other.
Unlike Toronto, the center is animated. Excuse me, Torontoans but you don’t have a Ste-Catherine and it is very cold and dark inside the skyscrapers cluster.
Well as people would argue, I have not yet discovered all of it. Stay tuned


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