Thursday, October 06, 2005

PES evangelisation

It is NOT a Hockey blog as the last three posts may have given the impression. We european give much more value to Football. Forget the NFL, Forget the CFL(which is more entertaining), What you call soccer is the real football.

Even if you find it boring (I won't argue since even I find some games boring), sports games don't come any better than football games. Then again, forget EA sports and trust Konami and their magnificient Pro Evolution Soccer serie.
Not convinced? Don't waste time and go and download the PES 5 demo that just went out.
You can find it here or there

I like the feel, the technique needed, the different possible play styles. the only thing lacking are my friends for a beer and PES evening. Mum! I wanna go back to France NOW!

Just kidding


Anonymous $tbone!! said...

...i cant say if it is just a passion or you're really crazy about this god ...konami will be glad ...try to think about something else...there are more important stuff in life...
I dont believe it... :)))

12:54 PM  

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