Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Canadiens vs Maple Leafs at La Cage aux Sport

Since we wanted to go out Saturday night but didn’t want to miss the Montreal-Toronto game that was televised, we went and watched the game at La Cage au Sport (the one at the centre Bell)
We were really scared at first because it was Disney on Ice that night at the Bell Centre. When we entered the restaurant, we found a lot of 3-5 years old yelling and watching Disney movies on the TV.
At last they left just in time for the game as more and more fans arrived.
The ambience was cool, especially the ones the table next to us that kept on chanting “On est des Quebecois” (we are Quebeckers) even though they were English speakers.
That seemed to upset some francophone though as If English Canadians appropriated their team.
As for the game, you might have heard of it, or better, watched it. It was a classic game because of the rivalry and the lead changes. The Habs should have won more easily though if Theodore hadn’t let up easy goals.
Well I don’t care if some people seem to have a bad Image of hockey fanatics, I sure will root for the Canadiens until we quit for France.


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